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Did occasionally break away from these group dances to create private spaces and private moments, but Vital was reluctant to make this bold move so soon after his confrontation with the baron. He also wasn't sure Tegridia would accept such an invitation. He was taking enough risk buy instagram followers buy instagram followers just by maneuvering into position next to her in the ring. For the moment, her hand felt too good in his, with her slender fingers laid across his palm, for him to take the chance of driving her away with any overt gesture. Fate came to his rescue at the beginning of the next song, when the group spontaneously abandoned the ring dance and began snaking its way around the great hall in a long, connected chain. Vital leaned forward and spoke into her ear, google just loud enough to be heard over the singing. Let us form the arch. He then granted her no leeway in responding by pulling out of the grasp of the matron behind him and taking Tegridia's left hand in his right and spinning her face to face with him on opposing sides of the chain. She had little choice but to complete the archway. This position still did not allow intimate conversation but it practically forced eye contact, which was a beginning of sorts. The guests complied without missing a beat, with each dancer hunkering down to tunnel through the archway created by man touching woman and then emerging with a lively step to suggest the joy of a successful escape. Looking across the archway, Vital expected to see a look of resentment in those dark eyes, which he did indeed receive. It lasted only a short while, though, and she then surprised him with a faint smile. He squeezed her fingers, interwoven with his, in response. He took a moment to realize her mouth was no longer voicing the communal song but forming words meant only for him. Her lips formed the words thank you several times until he indicated understanding with a slight nod of the head. How much promise was in that brief expression of graude? The attraction was mutual, of that he was very nearly convinced, even if her sense of propriety held her affections in close check. But could they ever break past the barriers of faith and culture? Could she ever be brought around to at least some basic understanding of the depth of hatred still burning in the hearts of his people? The ironies of allegiance began to eat at him. By aligning herself with the church in Rome, she aligned herself with the government in Paris. And by aligning himself with Tegridia, he aligned himself with Paris as well. Yet neither had any allegiance to Paris, and by all rights, Vital should have nothing but hatred for the French king and his capital city with its celebrated university devoted to the teachings of Rome. His thoughts began to drift and collapse from the broad to the narrow, from faith and culture to the practical reality of the woman standing instagram across from him. The smooth contours of her skin reminded him of the faces buy instagram followers of noblewomen, who lived their lives indoors or under protective shades, safe from the withering effects of sun and wind. But her eyes held the deep sadness of those women he saw in the village, http://www.oneeyedeer.com/ women worn thin by grinding toil and worry and loss. There was something in those eyes, something that cried out for gentleness, understanding--perhaps forgiveness, even. The singing stopped. ~ ~ ~ An hour later, he was leaning against the wall, allowing adragee